15-Year-Old Escaped From Her Kidnapper After He Made A Crucial Mistake

Iyanna Franklin miraculously escaped after an attempted kidnapping in Auburn Gresham neighborhood, Chicago.

CBS Chicago / YouTube

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The 15-year-old was on her way to school when a man driving a white car tried to talk to her. Iyanna refused and continued to walk away, when the man approached from behind, grabbed her, and forced the victim in his vehicle.

CBS Chicago / YouTube

Fortunately, the kidnapper panicked and rammed into a pole after attempting a U-turn. This gave Iyanna an opportunity to jump out of the car and run to safety.

Teenager was taken to the hospital but, luckily, didn't suffer any injuries.

Iyanna's mother said her daughter is very distraught by the incident and finds it hard to discuss its details.

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CBS Chicago / YouTube

Description of the kidnapper

After taking some time to calm down, Iyanna was able to give a description of her attacker.

Police is looking for a 5'10'' man in his 20s. He was driving a white car with tan leather interior.

The authorities are hoping to recover more details about the attacker soon.

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