4 Years, 239 Vanished Passengers, Zero Answers: Will We Ever Know What Really Happened To Flight MH370?

Date May 31, 2018 15:22

The disappearance of Malaysian flight MH370 has been dubbed as the greatest mystery of our time. It's a truly chilling tragedy that baffled the experts' minds and left no rest for the families of its passengers.

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On March 8th, 2014, MH370 went off the flight radar while on its route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 passengers on board. Malaysian Airlines held off revealing that the plane went off course, and they had no information as to where or why.

The first search for the missing aircraft ended in January 2017, after nearly 3 years of almost no answers. The expedition found some remains of the MH370, but bodies of its passengers are still yet to be recovered.

Fail of a new hope

In January 2018, a new search expedition volunteered to look for answers in the remote area of the Indian Ocean. The agreement was that they get paid only if something is found, which is why the search time was set at only 90 days.

With news of another search party embarking on their mission, families of lost passengers got hope once again. But, unfortunately, the search ended on May 29th without any significant findings.

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However, experts and families believe the lost passengers will be found. This is the most important mystery for the entire world, and it's only a matter of time when we get the answers.

Greatest mystery of all

With over 4 years since MH370 disappeared, the public is still looking for answers. There are countless theories and investigations going on, and each day we're getting a little bit closer to the truth.

Many experts are certain that with each new search, the probability of discovering the answers is getting higher. 

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