Possible Lawsuit? Dr. Phil Hit A Man With His Car

Date June 7, 2018

Beloved TV host Dr. Phil accidentally hit a man with his car.

Terrence Bembury started posting on his Instagram describing the situation. According to him, he was crossing the road on a skateboard, when McGraw went around another car and hit Bembury. The caption on his post read:

Thank Dr. Phil.. It felt amazing getting hit by your Mercedes.. Now I'm going on two days of missing work.. SmH. I meet with my Lawyer Monday.. This is a 100% winnable vase since Dr PHIL ran a stop sign and was in the wrong lane of traffic.

Since then, the Instagram posts have been deleted, but the case is still very much active.

TMZ quickly stepped up and released security footage, which showed the accident occur.

At the end of the video, we can see that Bembury and Dr. Phil shake hands and peacefully leave in opposite directions. However, Terrence claims he visited the hospital after, as he realized he was in pain.

Terrence finished his video by claiming he set up a meeting with Robert Shapiro, one of the most influential lawyers in L.A., who was involved in the O.J. case, and will bring Dr. Phil to justice.