Robbie Williams Was One Of The Guests Who Nearly Escaped Devastating Fire At Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Date June 8, 2018 11:24

A fire broke out at Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Central London on the afternoon of June 6. There are reportedly no victims, all guests and staff of the establishment were evacuated safely on time.

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Nearby witnesses said the smoke overwhelmed the neighborhood, and numerous fire trucks rushed to the scene.

Currently, the cause of fire remains unknown.

Famous guest

Famous singer Robbie Williams was among the evacuated guests of the hotel.

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Williams was seen completely unharmed and heading towards the emergency escape while giving thumbs up to the cameras.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel released the statement saying the fire has been put out, and they have situation under control.

All of the hotel's guests were taken in by nearby hotels and found proper accommodation.

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Robbie Williams