What Was She Thinking? Young Woman Got Her Head Stuck In The Truck's Tail Pipe At A Music Festival

Date June 15, 2018 13:55

A young woman found herself in a very awkward situation when her head got stuck in the truck's exhaust pipe.

The incident happened at the Winstock Music Festival in Minnesota, and the authorities confirmed that the woman was under the influence, when, we're guessing, she got curious about the contents of the pipe and decided to check for herself.

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Fire department quickly responded and saved the damsel in distress with a power saw.

People on Facebook got a good laugh and a hefty dose of confusion from this news.

The girl and the pipe

According to the McLeod County Sheriff’s office, the young woman was cited for underage drinking, which really helps explain this story a lot.

The woman actually revealed her identity. Kaitlyn Strom posted on her Facebook a picture of her posing with the notorious exhaust pipe and embracing her new reputation.

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And the pipe itself is famous now! It found its place in a tavern, where everyone can enjoy it in all its glory.

You do you, tail pipe girl!

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