Chilling Case Of Domestic Abuse: Asian Man Chops Off His Wife's Arm After An Argument

Date June 22, 2018 17:49

Domestic violence is terrifying and, unfortunately, happens very often. Sometimes it can get too extreme, leaving people horribly injured, or even dead.

One such terrible case happened in Brooklyn, where a husband chopped off his wife's arm and ran away from the crime scene.

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Police reports that a 35-year-old man had an argument with his wife, as a result of which he hacked off her arm at a right bicep and cut off two of her fingers on the left hand.

Suspect has fled the scene leaving the weapon behind.

The injured woman was rushed to the hospital and is expected to survive, but will most likely lose her arm.

Public is horrified at the man's actions and actively tries to help the police catch him.

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Avoiding abusive relationship

There are many signs of domestic abuse and violence. It can start with psychological torment, but might end up with physical attacks. Here are some red flags to pay attention to:

  1. You feel afraid around your partner.
  2. You try to avoid doing certain things that can annoy your partner.
  3. They yell or humiliate you.
  4. You would be embarrassed if your family or friends found out about some of their actions.
  5. They blame you for their behavior.
  6. They threaten to hurt themselves or even you if you decide to leave them.
  7. They undermine your freedom and control your life.

If you recognize this behavior in your spouse, or you know someone else in this situation, speak up.

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