Boston Firefighter Reunites With Family After A Heroic Rescue Of Dangling Child

Date June 4, 2018 10:31

The Boston firefighters saved lives of a little boy and his mother. The child was dangling out the third-floor window of a burning home when he was saved by Patrick Callahan.

The rescue was captured by a photographer of the Boston Herald. On Wednesday, after 8 p.m., the house was caught on fire in Roxbury neighborhood. The team of firefighters came to rescue.

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The photo depicts Patrick Callahan staying precariously on a too-short ladder as a woman dangles her son out the window, as the smoke is pouring out behind her. Callahan managed to grab the boy and save his mother.

After the dramatic rescue, firefighters simply said that it just “what we do.” Callahan commented:

Just getting the baby down, that was my priority.

People took to Twitter to react to the amazing rescue:

The fire didn’t result in any serious injuries to people who live in the home, but up 10 people were left homeless. The investigators are still trying to figure out what caused it to take place.  

What to do if there's a fire in your home

If a fire starts in your house, the first thing you should do is to call Fire and Rescue services. You should tell the operator your full address, the details of the building, and how many people are trapped inside.

In case you discover a fire, try not to panic and inform everyone who lives in the house. Use a pre-planned escape route to get everyone out of the building and close the door to the room where the fire located, if possible. The air is cleaner on the floor, so crawl or stay low when you are getting out.

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