Russian Oligarch’s Wife, Who Lives In £7m London Home, Faces Jail For Stealing £250 Statue

Date June 7, 2018

Hidden away behind Kensington Palace and protected by police force on either end, there is a street known as Billionaire’s Row. It is surely the most expensive street in London. On the private road, you can barely see any traffic, and you should remember to hide your camera, as there are many private security guards, who ensure that there are no photographs taken.

For people who live in that place, nothing is unreachable. If they want something, they take it. But not everything stays with impunity.

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A Russian tycoon’s wife is facing prison for stealing a statue from a Chelsea auction house. 55-year-old Margarita Sofianova hid the bronze figurine of a half-dressed woman into her handbag, while she was walking in the auction galleries. The statue was a reproduction of a 19th-century work with a price of £250.

She walked to her car, dropped off her stolen treasure, and came back to continue browsing through the gallery’s lots. Sofianova was caught on CCTV and identified by an auctioneer. Despite being caught, she insisted that it wasn’t she who stole the statute and that she wasn’t at the auction at all.

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But the police tracked her car to her £7 million home. Margarita Sofianova was found guilty and is facing jail. Previously, she was caught shoplifting more than twice in the past, including when she tried to steal a £2,000 Prada dress from Harrods and a scarf from the Hermès store.

Her husband, Vasileios Omarov, isn’t exactly a decent citizen as well, as he tried to 'buy off' the woman whom he groped at a four-star hotel in central London, in December 2010.

It seems that buying everything they please is not enough for people, who live in multi-million houses.

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