Texas Woman Kills Husband For Beating Their Family Cat


June 5, 2018 09:55 By Fabiosa

Sometimes, love for our four-legged friends can make a shocking and horrifying turn.

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A woman admitted to detectives that she shot and killed her husband because he was cruel to their family cat. The couple, 47-year-old Mary Harrison and 49-year-old Dexter Harrison, moved into a duplex in Dallas a few months ago. They had two teenage sons.

Their neighbors woke up on Saturday morning and discovered a few police cars parked along the street. According to the residents, the family mostly kept to themselves, although recently, their cat went missing. The wife was searching for their pet, posting signs and asking for help. The cat was eventually found and returned back home.

On Saturday, Mary Harrison told police she shot her husband because he was beating their family cat. He passed away in the hospital where he was treated.

One of the neighbors commented:         

A man got shot over a cat? It’s kind of crazy. It’s unbelievable. A man loses his life over a cat. I mean, people love their pets, but it ain’t that serious… to die for a cat.

The woman was arrested for murder. She could have found another way to fix the situation instead of killing her husband. According to Texas Animal Cruelty Laws, for a Class A Misdemeanor, he could have gotten a fine up to $4,000 or could have been imprisoned for up to 1 year.

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