Judge Judy's Salary Isn’t That Big After All, Says Real Judge. And What Do You Think?

Date June 6, 2018 15:45

CBS wins big time as an LA judge dismisses a talent agency's claim that Judy Sheindlin's earnings were purposely created to eliminate profits on the television hit.

Judge Judy could be the highest paid star in TV, but her salary, which is $47 million every year, is not as big, in accordance with the rule of a real judge.

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Talent agent Richard Lawrence and his company, Rebel Entertainment Partners, filed a lawsuit back in March 2016, declaring that CBS didn’t give the talent agency profits from the extremely popular show Judge Judy.

The lawsuit states that because of Sheindlin’s outrages earnings, net profits of the show are erased after deductions.

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However, LA Superior Court Judge Joanne O’Donnell doesn’t agree. She ruled:

Judge Sheindlin is paid more than other television hosts does not establish [that] her salary is unreasonable.

CBS responded to the lawsuit, saying:

The salary paid to Judge Sheindlin was the salary necessary to keep 'Judge Judy' on the air, and, ironically, the salary necessary for Rebel to continue to earn millions of dollars in upfront commissions that would disappear were the show to end.

People took to social media to react to the situation:

In comparison, the average salary of a judge in 2018 varies from $208,000 to $267,000, which raises a question, is $47 million per year really "reasonable"?

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