Kelly Clarkson Amazed Everyone With Her Rendition Of 'American Woman' At CMT Music Awards

Date June 8, 2018

Kelly Clarkson is one of those singers who isn’t afraid of what others might think of her. That’s why she’s decided to bring a “Voice” contestant and his wife as her date to CMT Music Awards.


The red carpet was virtually theirs, as Kelly gave an interview and complimented Kaleb Lee on his amazing voice and talent.

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Everyone was waiting to hear Kelly’s own rendition of 'American Woman' at CMT Music Awards.

It was expected to be huge. But the performance was even more than that.



The singer’s exceptional talent made the song unrecognizable in the best sense of the word.



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Social media users from all over the world agreed it was a perfect performance and a great rendition of the beloved song.

It was an ideal example of how a singer should look and sing on such a big stage!

Thank you, Kelly, for sharing your talent with us!

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