Undisguised Interview Of An Australian Politician Barnaby Joyce: Scandalous Details Worth Attention

Date June 5, 2018 10:30

Barnaby Joyce, an Australian politician, wanted to prove the world it’s possible to wear two hats at once. However, it didn’t take long for others to discover his true nature. The man has opted for hiding Vikki Campion’s pregnancy.

He knew it would make him lose his job as deputy prime minister. All the more, he went on to compete in the elections without revealing the truth.

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Finally, a scandalous interview he gave together with Vikki Campion gave him a chance to explain himself. The interview was $150k worth, and the couple stressed the money was going to their kid’s trust fund.

However, Twitter users didn’t seem to be impressed with such a decision. Their reactions varied from the modest ones to utterly aggressive.

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What is more, Joyce is a father of four daughters, and it’s clear such a state of affairs doesn’t have any positive impact on the girls. Experts say they might suffer from a prolonged trauma, especially in view of the recent interview.

It’s horrible how parents might affect their kids’ lives, and in the long run, it’s only up to the kids to fight their fears on their own.

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