Yay Or Nay? Di Mondo Wears Red Something To 2018 CFDA Awards

Date June 6, 2018 10:59

Everyone knows it’s Di Mondo’s world, but who on earth is Di Mondo? The man is everywhere, even in the New York Times. Still, not that many people know what he’s done to gain such popularity.


To be frank, he’s done nothing but buying and wearing designer clothes and appearing in them at various celebrity events.


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That’s how people gain popularity nowadays! Di Mondo tried to promote new man’s fashion where men aren’t governed by rules. And his latest outfit for 2018 CFDA Awards is a perfect example of his style. The man wore red something. In fact, it’s hard to even name this outfit.


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However, lots of his fans totally approved of the look. Instagram users commented on his photo from 2018 CFDA Awards and almost unanimously agreed he looked just adorable! Superhero and my inspiration – that’s how they called him!


Nowadays it’s relatively easy to become popular, right?!


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