Exciting News! 'The Good Doctor' Season 2 May Show Us More Of Lea And Shaun Together

‘The Good Doctor’ turned out to be a huge ratings hit for its network and became one of the most-watched TV series in the United States! So, it was no surprise when the ABC president announced the show would return on the screens.

But what will it be about?

Obviously, as Season 1 finale ended on a news that Dr. Aaron Glassman had a treatable glioma instead of inoperable brain cancer, we will see the continuation of this story in the next episodes. But there’s another storyline that many fans will be excited to see.

Any guesses?

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Paige Spara, the actress playing Dr. Shaun Murphy’s former neighbor who left the city, will return to the show as the series regular, which means there might be the continuation of their relationship. And as Freddie Highmore (the actor playing the brilliant yet autistic doctor) revealed, we can expect to see more of these two together! He added:

I’m actually in the middle of being in the writers’ room, so I know lots of what’s going to happen with Lea and Shaun, and all of it is exciting.

We’re excited to see what the producers, directors, and actors have in store for us, and so are countless fans and admirers from all over the world. Just take a look at these crazy reactions:

‘The Good Doctor’ will return for Season 2 this fall.

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