Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Call She Got From Donald Trump And Reveals What They Discussed

Date June 12, 2018

Kim Kardashian can be proud of herself for helping to free 63-year-old Alice Marie Johnson. The woman was sentenced to life in prison following a conviction for a non-violent, first-time drug offense in 1996.

And before announcing his decision to grant Alice clemency to the public, President Trump first made a call to break the good news to the reality TV show star. So, what did they talk about?

In an interview with CNN, the 38-year-old revealed that receiving a call from the president was the moment she would never forget. Kim was on the phone with her husband Kanye when she received a call from an unknown number. As she says:

It was a secretary on the line that said she had the president on the phone and I knew it had to be some... some news ... I was always really hopeful.

Trump said that he had investigated the case and spoken to many people who all agreed that Alice deserved freedom. The woman has been a model person in prison, she has never had behavior problems, and has even got many degrees. And then, the president revealed he was signing the papers at the moment, making Kim incredibly happy.

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Still, the interview involved controversial questions, like asking Kardashian if she thinks Trump used her as a political pawn:

I think Kanye has already given him legitimacy in that way so I don’t think I would be used.

Due to some negativity of the interview, it got mixed reviews of people praising Kim and criticizing CNN.

Apart from that, there were people who didn’t believe in the sincerity of Donald Trump’s actions, believing that he released Alice just to improve his image.

What do you think about the case?

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