Man 'Groaning And Crying' In Excruciating Pain Was Forced To Wait For 3 Hours On Hospital Floor

In Sydney, a man had to wait for three hours, lying on the floor of the emergency department waiting room. Only then, a surgeon took a look at him and took him in surgery to remove appendix.

Tim Hawkins and his wife rushed to Nepean Hospital, in Sydney, when he began to feel severe pain. Although doctors suspected the man had a potentially serious condition and even determined the urgency of his illness, they left him unattended and screaming in agony. As Hawkins says:

I was moaning, I was groaning, I was crying.

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There was no way he could sit, which he informed the nurse about. He had to sit and lie on the floor with a blanked used as a pillow:

I remember it clearly, that the cleaner came through and he's mopping the floor and I was thinking what's he going to do when he gets to me? He just mopped around me.

In their turn, the hospital staff claim they gave Tom pain relief and continually monitored him. As they explain, the delays were due to the renovations taking place.

However, it looks like it’s not the first case, as other people have also blamed the hospital for bad services.

Here are just some of the bad reviews left on Facebook

How long do people wait for care?

As it is complex to assess and treat emergency department patients, the majority of them have to spend some time in the waiting room.


Due to peak periods when patients are waiting for tests and X-rays, the wait time for those with less urgent and moderate conditions can increase from 15 minutes to up to 5 hours.

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