Meghan Markle Shared Positive Quotes Written On Cupcakes But Got Mocked By People Instead

Date August 23, 2019

The Sussex couple is using their influence to bring a revolutionary change in the world. They are active environmental campaigners and support many charitable causes on a personal level. However, the two often fail to balance out the hypocrisy in the public's eye.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were recently bashed for their use of private jets. During their summer getaway, the family took two trips on gas-guzzling planes to Spain and to the South of France.

It opposes the Duke's previous remark of having only two children to minimize the carbon footprint. Also, his wife's humble persona conflicts with the elite protocols she's indulging in.

Spreading positivity

Amid the backlash, the Duchess of Sussex attempted to sooth out the rough creases. The Royal pair's joint Instagram account shared photos to shine a spotlight on Luminary Bakery. It meant to empower the incredible ladies who serve at the sustainable grassroots organization. Meghan had handpicked this organic business to feature in her Vogue issue as well.

One picture displayed a collection of cupcakes that had inspiring messages written on them. The text included quotes like 'be kind to your mind' and 'you are enough'. The East London bakery provides work opportunities and independence to women who are trying to escape homelessness, poverty, and violence.

It backfired

Instead of soaking up the lesson of humanity, the Twitterverse showed Meghan the reversed side of the mirror. They specifically re-tailored the same post to mock her family struggles.

It is appalling to see how hard it is to channel a good message across the media. We wish the Duchess all the best in her efforts. Her line of devotees is certainly longer than that of the naysayers'.