"He's The Happiest Here": Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Say Archie Found His Voice On South Africa Tour

Date October 21, 2019

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle embarked on a 10-day trip to South Africa along with their baby Archie in September. The tour was regarded as a success due to the Royal couple's engaging meetups.

But, the journey held a greater meaning for the Sussex family. Apparently, Archie responded well to it and returned home a more joyful child.

The doting dad wanted to introduce his son to the place where his parents' romance bud. After their second date, the Duke & Duchess of Sussex had vacationed in Bostwana. To Prince Harry, the serenity of South Africa brought peace from the tight press of England. He loves it there: the people, the wildlife, the connection, and the land.

Archie was thrilled to explore his father's favorite continent

ITV’s news recently released a documentary, Harry & Meghan: An African Journey to chronicle the Sussex squad's adventures. In the featured interview, proud parents, Harry & Meghan described how her son felt after visiting Africa. He's fond of the area just like daddy.

Prince Harry disclosed:

He clearly loves Africa as well because he’s been happy looking out the window. He found his voice here. He was bouncing up and down and making more noise than he’s ever made before.

Meghan further explained:

We thought he was happy before. He’s the happiest here. He’s been so happy the past two days.

He felt like home in Africa

Omid Scobie of the podcast, The Heir Pod was joined by reporter Maggie Rulli when they disclosed details of Archie's travel. They revealed the sweet baby was given all comforts that made him feel like home. All his beloved toys were packed along and his mother also gave him the same attention as at their house.

"He's The Happiest Here": Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Say Archie Found His Voice On South Africa TourGetty Images / Ideal Image

We just can't wait for Archie to grow up and join forces with his diligent parents. He's already being involved in Harry and Meghan's legacy. Isn't it amazing?

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