Kate Middleton Trolled By People For Desperately Wanting Normality For Her Kids While Being The Future King's Wife

Date September 13, 2019

At least once, all of the members of the Royal family have taken a shot at a common dream. In turns, they tried to raise their children as regular citizens. From Princess Diana to the Queen herself, they all failed terribly in that. Let's see if a modern mom can pull this off.

The Royal heirs get handled by nannies as their parents have significant duties. They serve the Crown and the public which even demands them to showcase their family.

Princess Diana made Prince William and Prince Harry attend school. Their education was not kept private. She took her precious ones to trips, cinemas and countryside adventures. But, the paparazzi was never far from them. Writer Ingrid Steward calls normality a fantasy for the British Royals.

Kate Middleton's far-fetched dream

The Duchess of Cambridge had a fantastic childhood. It wasn't plagued with stuttering cameras or chasing media. According to People magazine's sources, she is a hands-on parent who is very involved in George, Charlotte, and Louis' lives.

As a mother, Kate lets them create their own experiences. That's why in every outing, the kids seem to be having so much fun.

Sure, at the end of the day, they are three heirs to the British throne but, they still deserve playtime. The cuties need to eat at McDonald's and explore the local bakeries to hunt for sweets. An insider revealed what Kate desires:

She wants to emulate her upbringing, living in the countryside with a close-knit family. She desperately wants that normality for her own kids.

People trolled her

@Kourtney Nicole:

That's why Harry's long term ex didn't want to marry him she wanted a normal life...

@Merica Powell Block:

Should have given that deeper thought when marrying the next King.

@Lyn Pelen Schreiner:

If she wanted normalcy she should have married an average Joe....🤦🏻‍♀️

@Pattie Lockwood:

That's kind of hard when you're royalty.

Prince William and Kate are in control entirely. Maybe, it is still possible as reportedly, the kids don't even know their future roles yet. Smart move?