Mother's Favoritism: Kate Middleton Dresses Louis Up In Siblings' Old Clothes While George & Charlotte Get New Outfits

Date July 29, 2019 14:25

A month ago, Kate Middleton was slammed for choosing odd outfits for her children at Trooping the Color to mark the Queen's official birthday — royal fans noticed she dressed Louis and George similar to how Prince William and Prince Harry were dressed around the same age.

People believe Duchess Catherine should stop copying Princess Diana as she is slowly losing her own identity as a woman and as a mother. The same thing is happening to the Princes as Kate chooses the same things as Diana chose for her sons back to the '80-'90s.

Since the members of the Royal Family does not read social media, Kate Middleton continues dressing up her littlest child in old clothing, while buying new things for Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

A couple of months ago, the 37-year-old posted a series of adorable photos from her wonderful garden 'Back to Nature', showcasing her husband William and their three children playing around.

People noticed Prince Louis was dressed up in the recycled dungarees once worn by Prince George five years ago. While Duchess Catherine thinks it is totally alright, fans think children should have new attires to have own identity.

Moreover, Princess Charlotte seems to be a "favorite" child as she gets quite pricey and new dresses all the time, while Prince George gets new, but cheap mass-market numbers.

People constantly notice how little Lotti opts for ensembles by royal designers, whereas her elder brother wears subtle shorts and T-shirts. So, where's equality?

Do you think royal fans are quite right about this point? We are sure many of us wear the siblings' clothes in childhood, but the Royal Family is not poor whatsoever.