Body Language Expert Weighs In On Princess Beatrice And Edoardo's Romance: "Both Demonstrate A Desire For Intimacy"

Date September 27, 2019 12:38

September 26 marks a very remarkable occasion: Princess Beatrice announced she's finally engaged to her partner, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi.

The royal family took to their official accounts on social media to post a series of adorable images and write a heartfelt caption as an addition to their long-awaited announcement. So, what does their romance say about them?

Nonverbal communications expert, relationship coach, and psychotherapist Toni Coleman weighed in on Princess Beatrice and Edoardo's engagement pictures. She immediately highlighted the couple's level of intimacy.

Here the couple is standing very close, their bodies facing each other directly, as they maintain direct and unbroken eye contact — both of which demonstrate a desire for intimacy.

Coleman then zoned-in on Edoardo's head placement, which admittedly means more than meets the eye.

As Edoardo is looking at Princess Beatrice, his head is tilted slightly to the side. This signal communicates interest in what he is seeing. Princess Beatrice has her hand on his shoulder with fingers bent as though she is grasping on to him. This signals a desire to get as close as possible and to hold someone.

The photos also illustrate their care and romance with each other. The expert concluded:

Princess Beatrice is leaning in against Edoardo — a signal that she wants to be even closer physically. He is looking down at her, and his mouth is touching her hair, a gesture that signifies sexual attraction and intimacy.

After all the fuss in social media, quiet and romantic Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi paid tribute to his soon-wife. He shared several black & white photos taken by a professional photographer and added a sweet caption:

You will never be alone my love, my heart is your home. Hand in hand, today, tomorrow and forever. 💍

Could they look any happier? We think not!