Piers Morgan Trashes ‘Hypocrite’ Meghan Markle For Sharing Dalai Lama Quote On ‘Compassion’ Amid Family Row

Date September 19, 2019

Not long ago, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex treated their fans to a new post on their Instagram page. The royal couple shared an inspirational quote from the Dalai Lama to start the week right.

The motivational quote spoke of compassion, which was said to be ‘the key’ to a ‘happier’ world.

However, TV presenter Piers Morgan didn’t take the inspirational message very well.

Is Meghan being hypocrite?

Appearing on Good Morning Britain, Piers Morgan urged the Duchess to be the one to show compassion for people she no longer speaks to – her family and the friends she supposedly left behind after marrying Prince Harry.

Morgan noted Meghan should work on repairing the relationship with her family first before advising others about compassion.

He said:

I am all for Meghan learning about compassion. Honestly, I really am. And she can start with the father she's disowned, the family she's disowned, all the friends she's dumped over the years.

The host continued, adding that the Duchess should call the people she doesn’t talk to anymore:

That's compassion, isn't it? Pick the phone up. Check if we're all okay. 'You okay, Piers? Sorry for dumping you. You okay dad? You okay family?'

Last December, Morgan accused Meghan of ‘ghosting’ him after she started dating the Prince. The TV host claimed she is a ‘hypocrite’, who ‘acted her way to the top’ and ‘washed her hands off’ her own father.

It seems that Piers is a little bit obsessed with the Duchess. Perhaps he should learn a little bit about compassion, too. What do you think?