Playing It Safe! Meghan And Harry Reportedly Used Commercial Flight To Rome But Fans Can’t Find Proof

Date September 20, 2019 18:18

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are no strangers to harsh criticism. Recently, the couple was severely slammed by social media users for being ‘climate change hypocrites.’

The royal parents used private jets quite a few times after claiming they really care about the environment. Prince Harry tried to defend their decision, saying that private jets were a measure of personal security but it didn’t help the situation.

Now the Sussex couple is reportedly ‘fly commercial’

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex traveled to Italy for a very special occasion. The royal pair left their 4-month-old baby son at home to attend the lavish wedding of Meghan’s close friends.

Fashion designer Misha Nonoo and her oil tycoon boyfriend Michael Hess are tying the knot this weekend in the beautiful Rome.

Royal correspondent Richard Palmer revealed that the Sussex couple flew to Italy using a commercial flight.

The correspondent noted that it seems that the couple got affected by the harsh criticism they received for flying private jets.

However, fans can’t find the proof

There could be many reasons why Meghan and Harry decided not to have any photographs taken. However, when Kate and William flew a commercial flight to Scotland not long ago, we could easily find the proof online. How suspicions!