Royal Fans Are In Fury Because Harry ‘Read’ Kate And William The ‘Riot Act’ For Not Supporting Meghan, Reports Say

Date August 12, 2019 18:09

After the Sussex couple’s wedding, it seems their relationship with Kate and William has started cracking more and more.

First, Meghan and Harry decided to move out from Kensington Palace to their own place. Then, the new parents wished to split from the Cambridges even further as they left their joint charity.

The royal split has been the talk of the town for quite a while now but the real reason for it could be the ginger royal’s actions.

The riot act

Apparently, the breakup of the Fab Four happened because of the Duke of Sussex. Harry, reportedly, accused William and Kate of not showing enough support to Meghan.

According to DailyMail, the ginger royal ‘read’ his brother and sister-in-law ‘the riot act’ after the Cambridge couple’s children went to bed.

Reports say, Meghan Markle arrived with her husband and remained silent while he lashed out at William and Kate.

It’s believed that this is how the rift between two royal families started and fans are not happy about such a turn of events, criticizing the Sussex couple on social media.

However, a lot of things have changed since then. Some royal experts claim that the couples’ relationship is getting better. It was evident after Meghan and Kate attended Wimbledon together not long ago.

The two women appeared happy and friendly as they watched Serena Williams play. We hope that the Fab Four will rejoin one day because they are a family after all and a family should stick together.