Kate And William Are Vilified For Traveling To Scotland On $89 Budget Flight: “They Have Used Private Jets Before”

Date August 23, 2019

The Cambridge family has been spotted traveling to Scotland. Kate and William took their three kids on a budget flight just days after the Sussex couple faced a massive wave of criticism for preferring private jets as a mean of transport.

The Cambridges demonstrated they are the most down-to-earth royals when they took off from Norwich using a relatively cheap $89 flight. Their trip comes after Meghan and Harry’s controversial vacation when the pair took 4 private jets in 11 days.

We would have thought people would praise Kate and William for their choice but there were those who harshly criticized the couple.

Was it a tactic move?

Some users accused the Cambridge duo of ‘playing for the gallery,’ others suggested it was a tactical move to portray Meghan and Harry in a bad light.

Sibling rivalry

Many would point out that Kate and William chose a budget flight on purpose because of their feud with the Sussexes. Royal expert Ingrid Seward believes that there has been a rivalry between the two brothers for years.

Whether it’s true or not, we don’t want to believe that the Cambridge duo would want to hurt Meghan and Harry’s reputation. What do you think?