Psychic Claims Queen Won’t Give Her Throne To Prince Charles But She Will Abdicate For William, Yet Experts Think It’s Impossible

Date October 23, 2019 11:04

Many know that Prince Charles is next in the line to the British throne. However, some people want Prince William to become King. But could it be possible?

An experienced psychic claims that it is actually a very likely course of events.

Would Queen abdicate for Charles or William?

Professional psychic Rose Smith believes that if the Queen abdicates, Prince Charles won’t become a King. The 60-year-old says that even though Her Majesty is not showing any signs of wishing to retire, she will do it ‘within 12 months’ or ‘maybe 2 years.’

But she won’t give her crown to her son. Smith revealed:

The Queen is going to abdicate. She’s going to hand the crown, I believe it’s not to Charles, it will be Prince William.

The physic recalled the moment she realized that it wasn’t Charles who will ascend to the throne, saying:

I could only see the back of the head so it was hard to tell for sure. I saw her take the crown off the back of her head and hand it to a man and I think it was William.

Nonetheless, experts claim Prince William could become King only after his father. Royal author Ingrid Seward notes that the monarch ‘doesn’t have the power’ to choose who will be sitting on the throne after her.

According to the law, the monarch’s direct successor will inherit the crown and it’s Charles, not William. However, if the Queen’s son decides to abdicate, then it will be William’s turn.

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