Meghan Markle Reportedly Joined A Yoga Class Full Of 60 Strangers After Landing In NYC & People Aren't Happy About It

Date September 10, 2019

After returning from their European vacation, the Sussex family was expected to visit the Queen at Balmoral. Much to our surprise. they skipped it because Archie is too young for countryside adventures. Soon, the Duchess herself embarked on an exciting journey.

Meghan Markle avoided a dose of criticism by flying commercial to New York. Her husband and 4-month-old baby stayed back home to let the mother have some me-time. She supported her bestie, Serena Williams in the finals of the US Open. Unfortunately, she couldn't secure the first place.

Rejuvenating yoga session

Apart from lobbying for Serena, Meghan has her own errands to run too. People magazine has exclusively informed that after arriving in NYC, the Royal took a Yoga class to beat jet lag. It was the perfect remedy.

She and her friend headed to Moda Yoga which provides an eco-conscious atmosphere in the West Village neighborhood. The session was fully packed with 60 attendees who were delighted & surprised by her presence. A watcher said:

There were lots of sweet, knowing smiles.

Sources further revealed that the Duchess visits this meditating studio whenever she's is in town. Over the years, it became a ritual for her.

People aren't crazy about it

The commentators mentioned how Meghan is never this comfortable with strangers in the UK. They bashed her with mixed opinions and unfair negativity.

Well, we hope the Duchess had the best time and was able to recharge herself. Share this and sound off.