No More Princess Of Wales! Kate Middleton Might Reject Princess Diana's Title Just Like Camilla Did, Expert Claims

Date September 20, 2019

When Camilla Parker Bowles married Prince Charles, she gained a lot in her life, including a few royal titles. Camilla became the Duchess of Cornwall but, legally, she could have been called the Princess of Wales.

However, she has never been referred to as such because she wished not to use the title previously held by Princess Diana.

Why? Reports say Camilla did it out of respect for her husband’s former wife. But there is a high chance the Duchess of Cambridge will refuse to take the title as well.

Kate might opt not to pay a special tribute to Diana

When Prince William inherits the British throne, his wife Kate can expect to receive more royal titles. As Prince Charles’ eldest son advances on the succession line, he will be given the title Prince of Wales but Kate might refuse to be called his Princess.

At the moment, Kate is the Duchess of Cambridge but she might never be called the Princess of Wales. Royal expert Imogen Llyod-Webber explained:

At some moment, William is going to become Prince of Wales. At that moment there’s the question, is Kate going to choose to be called Princess of Wales?

Llyod-Webber believes Kate will opt to become the next Duchess of Cornwall or choose the title Duchess of Rothesay or Countess of Chester.

Even though it would have been a sweet tribute to Princess Diana, Kate might never choose to be called the Princess of Wales for the same reason as Duchess Camilla did – out of respect.

When Prince Charles becomes the King, his wife Camilla will get an upgraded title of Queen Consort or Princess Consort.

However, when William becomes King, there is no doubt that Kate will be Queen Consort. Those royal titles can be quite complicating, can’t they?