He Has No Shame! Billy Porter Tried To Copy Meghan Markle’s Look With His ‘Hideous’ Outfit At London Fashion Week

Date September 19, 2019 12:22

There is hardly anyone who can make a bold statement like Billy Porter. No matter where he goes, his extravagant and sometimes little crazy outfits always get the most attention. To prove our point, check out one of his London Fashion Week looks.

Porter is the definition of diva style. The Tonny winner trademark is breaking gender barriers with clothes and he does it better than anyone.

However, it appears that Billy’s latest looks have been inspired by one person – Meghan Markle.

Copying royal

Billy Porter revealed he has been channeling the Duchess of Sussex during London Fashion Week. The American star admitted Meghan inspired his “regal look.”

Ported said:

I’ve been doing my Meghan Markle all week with my little fascinator. I might keep wearing it when I get back to America!

But what does the Pose star think about the Duchess and her modern approach to royal fashion? He said:

There’s a black woman in the palace, honey, that’s all we need! We’re loving her over in America!

People’s reaction

It’s evident that not everyone will like Porter’s unconventional outfits but we applaud his boldness.