They Might Be Officially Together! Sarah Ferguson Joins Prince Andrew As They Visit The Queen At Balmoral In Scotland

Date August 12, 2019 12:59

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew are a very odd couple of exes. The two have been showing mixed signals about the nature of their relationship since their divorce in 1996.

Even a renowned body language expert, Judi James, noted that Sarah and Andrew feel very comfortable around each other.

In recent years, we’ve been having the pleasure of seeing the former couple together more and more, which means Fergie managed to rebuild her relationship with the royal family. Moreover, the Queen even invited her to Balmoral!

A visit to Her Majesty

Sarah Ferguson joined her former husband, Prince Andrew, as the pair jetted off to Scotland to visit the Queen in her summer residence, Balmoral Castle.

Even though Fergie and Andrew flew separately - the Duchess took a commercial flight while the Prince chose a private jet - the rumors about the couple’s rekindled romance are now at their peak.

It is believed that the pair’s children, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, also joined them to spend the last summer days with their grandmother.

Fans are very happy about that

@yayasandy1 commented:

If they want to be together... why not? Prince Phillip should not make it his business after all these years. He was no angel himself!!!

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Time to bring her back!

@valeriejolley noted:

Our Queen is a great example of how to Forgive.

It might be that Sarah and Andrew decided to visit Her Majesty together to discuss their remarriage - we don’t know for sure but we, surely, hope so.