Unusual Hobby For A Royal! Prince William Proudly Talks About 6-Year-Old Prince George's Vehicle Obsession

Date October 22, 2019 12:04

From the moment Prince George was born, royal fans have taken a keen interest in him. People want to know how he's doing, what type of kid he is, what hobbies he has and so on.

Thankfully, his parents Prince William and Duchess Kate don't mind sharing some little insights from time to time.

Jolly Prince George

A few months ago, a family friend revealed to People that the young royal is actually a "jolly little person and inquisitive." The insider said that the boy has a lively spirit too.

Another source told The Sun that Prince George is "shy" and serious." Perhaps being a big brother to Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis may have instilled a sense of responsibility in the boy.

Prince George's tractor obsession

In the new film Prince Charles: Inside the Duchy of Cornwall, the Duke of Cambridge revealed that his son has an obsession with farming equipment.

Prince William was speaking with farmer Mervyn Keeling which was when the royal dad shared his 6-year-old son's passion for tractors. While referring to the farming equipment around them, William said:

I should have brought George today; he would be absolutely loving this… He’s obsessed.

The royal dad elaborated by saying that all three of his children love to play outside and are also quite familiar around tractors.

My children are already, y’know, playing on the tractors and, like you say, it’s so important to get outside, and have the children understand nature.

Fans find him adorable

Fans can't deny that Prince George happens to be one of the cutest members of the royal family. People have made comments over time about the young royal's charm and overall adorableness.


Very cute!!


Such a cutie.

Unusual Hobby For A Royal! Prince William Proudly Talks About 6-Year-Old Prince George's Vehicle ObsessionGetty Images / Ideal Image


He is adorable.


He is so cute!

Fans of the Cambridge kids love hearing these little tidbits about George, Charlotte, and Louis. And thanks to their parents, we have learned some interesting things about them including their hobbies and other activities they may be involved in.

Hopefully, the kids' parents won't mind sharing many more glimpses of their lives.

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