Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi's Ex Fiance Dara Huang Reacts To The News Of His Engagement To Princess Beatrice: "Look Forward To Uniting Our Families"

Date September 27, 2019 13:07

Princess Beatrice is engaged! For royal fans, this means there's an excitement in the air as they anticipate another fabulous royal wedding.

However, things are a little bit different this time around in that Beatrice's fiance Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi has fathered a child with his ex Dara Huang.

Eyebrows were raised over this because the British royal family is known to be quite traditional. So a baby out of wedlock sure gave people plenty to say.

Dara speaks out

As people congratulated the soon-to-be-wed couple, some others wonder how Beatrice will get along with the mother of Edoardo's two-year-old son. Then they also speculated on whether Dara will address the engagement at all.

Those who were hoping for some dramatic reaction or a complete lack of acknowledgment will be disappointed. It turns out that Edoardo's ex-fiancee is totally onboard with the idea of a blended family.

In a statement to the DailyMail, Dara reportedly said in reaction to the engagement news:

I wish the best for Edo and Beatrice and look forward to uniting our families.

It was reported that Dara and Edoardo were engaged for three and a half years and they share son Christopher Woolf together. There have been reports that the property tycoon began dating Beatrice while he was still living with Dara but their relationship had ended at the time.

Beatrice and Edoardo reportedly started dating in October 2018 and according to their joint statement, the wedding will take place in 2020.

Questionable motives

Some fans of the royals were concerned about the fact that Beatrice's fiance has a baby mama.

They posted comment implying that breaking up with the mother of his child could be bad sign character-wise.

Nevertheless, it sounds like everyone involved are happy to take the required step forward. Let's simply wish the happy couple the best.