Prince Louis Update: Young Royal Faces New Adjustment As Big Sis Charlotte Will Spend Less Time With Him Now That She's Started School

Date September 13, 2019

It was a special family moment recently when Princess Charlotte was escorted to her first day of school by big brother Prince George and their parents Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Prince Louis Update: Young Royal Faces New Adjustment As Big Sis Charlotte Will Spend Less Time With Him Now That She's Started SchoolGetty Images / Ideal Image

One obvious absentee on that day was Prince Louis. Understandably, the youngest Cambridge sibling was not old enough to attend school so it made sense that he stayed at home.

New adjustments

Previously, Louis wasn't exactly home alone since sister Charlotte was there. The pair probably spent a lot of time together and entertained one another. So it will be a major adjustment for the young royal now that his big sister has to go to school every day.

There's good news, though. While Louis will certainly miss his older siblings, he also gets the undivided attention of his parents as the baby of the house.

Nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo will be fully focused on the little boy as well, when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge go for royal engagements. But there's a high likelihood that he won't be home alone. It's expected that he will enrol at nursery just like George and Charlotte were at his age.

Before school began, Louis enjoyed quality time with his siblings over the summer holidays. Hello reported that the family went to Mustique in July to celebrate George's sixth birthday and they all stayed at their country home in Anmer Hall for the rest of the break. Then they wrapped things up with a trip to Balmoral where they spent time with the Queen, Prince Charles and other royal family members.

The Duchess of Cambridge hasn't given a clear idea of how Louis is coping during this time, but she once spoke about the mischievous personality of the royal cutie during a visit to Bletchley.

At the time, the mom of three revealed that Louis was "keeping us all on our toes," and added:

I turned around the other day and he was at the top of the slide – I had no idea!


Royal fans have been sharing comments in response to the idea that Louis will now be home alone for hours during the week while his siblings are at school.

Bonnie Dials Duncan wrote:

If he is like my youngest, he will be watching the door all day looking for them until he gets adjusted.

Lane K. Mary wants Louis to look on the bright side:

His play-group is off to school! Alas, more time for him, exclusively!!

Rhonda Bernadette Diaz commented:

He'll be wondering where his siblings 'playmates' are.

We have a feeling he won't mind so much. Plus, it will be an exciting reunion for the kids every time George and Charlotte return at the end of the school day.