Trendiest Fall Color! Style Queens Kate Middleton & Amal Clooney Chose Stunning Teal Outfits And U Can Rock It Too

Date October 7, 2019

This fall it’s all about that teal – striking blue-green color which looks phenomenal on everyone. Teal is made by mixing green and blue shades on a white base.

It represents mental and spiritual balance and is often chosen by people who have a reflective mind and a calm and smart personality. This description fits perfectly the two gorgeous ladies who decided to rock teal recently.

Elegant Kate and breathtaking Amal

When Kate Middleton and Amal Clooney appeared wearing the same color in the same week, people noticed. Both ladies are known for their chic and elegant style so their choice of teal means we should all try it, too.

Orangy hues and earthy tones are usually the staples in autumn but we love the unexpected pop of bright shade Kate and Amal decided to go for.

The Duchess of Cambridge donned a stunning and feminine teal gown by ARoss Girl x Soler while Amal Clooney showed off her awe-worthy figure in a gorgeous two-piece teal set by Zac Posen.

You can rock teal too

Luckily, teal is one of those rare colors that suit absolutely everyone. No matter your skin tone or hair color – you will look fabulous in it.

Moreover, teal has lighter and darker shades so there are a lot of options to play with. What other colors go well with it? Try cream, salmon, rust red, silver, or icy blue.

What is your favorite fall color?