Princess Diana's Humiliating Scandal Helped Sarah Ferguson To Dodge A Bullet From The Press During Balmoral Trip

Date September 20, 2019 09:44

The year was 1992. After six years of marriage, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson decided to separate. The royal set off for a family vacation while Sarah ventured on a holiday of her own. Little did she know that that trip will destroy her reputation.

As the royal family gathered together at Balmoral, they were faced with a global scandal. It was an ordinary morning when the Queen opened the newspaper and saw photographs of Fergie and John Bryan, who was sucking her toes.

This public embarrassment couldn’t have come at a worse time but Fergie managed to dodge a bullet because of Princess Diana.

Lady Di didn’t have a good morning either

Princess Diana suffered a major public humiliation in 1992, which took Sarah Ferguson’s own scandal off the front pages.

Sarah depicts what happened during that incredibly awkward morning at Balmoral in her 1996 autobiography My Story. She woke up to face her “toe-sucking” photographs in the national newspaper but Princess Diana’s own scandal rescued her position.

The Duchess writes:

On Sunday, my getaway day, the tabloids carried a fresh scandal. Diana’s so-called ‘Squidgy’ tape – 20 minutes of phone chat with a male friend. I wasn’t the only one being spied on, that much was clear. I went into Diana’s room and thanked her for taking me off the front page; it was our private rueful joke.

In 1989, Diana and her friend James Gilbert had a romantic phone conversation where Gilbert lovingly called her Princess Squidgy. It was leaked to the press 3 years later on the same day as Fergie’s holiday pics appeared in the newspapers.

We can only imagine how much embarrassment both ladies suffered in Balmoral. Even after so many years, the trips to the Scottish castle are still filled with scandal.

This summer, Fergie visited the Queen’s summer home again but left abruptly after Prince Philip made an unexpected visit, according to reports.

Moreover, rumor has it the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge delayed their trip to Balmoral because of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The life of the royal family never gets boring!