Prince Philip's Fury! Duchess Camilla Will Outrank The Queen's Husband On One Condition - If She Is Made Queen Consort

Date October 4, 2019

What can you give for love? How about your country and position? This is what Prince Philip had to give up to be able to marry Queen Elizabeth.

The Duke was originally born as Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark but when he fell in love with Elizabeth and decided to marry her, he had to renounce all of his titles.

However, during his lifetime, the royal husband has received several new honorary titles to go with his name. Yet, they will mean nothing if his son’s wife becomes Queen Consort.

Duchess Camilla might outrank Prince Philip in the future

Prince Philip spent decades serving the Queen but at one point he will be outranked by his son Prince Charles’s wife. When Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles, she received the title of The Duchess of Cornwall.

After the Queen steps down from the throne, Charles is next in the line to inherit it. It means that one day he will become King. When it happens, his wife will be given a higher rank as well.

There has been a heated debate whether Duchess Camilla will be made Princess Consort or Queen Consort. Some believe the Palace will make her Princess to avoid Lady Diana’s loyal fans’ rage.

But royal expert Charlie Proctor believes that Prince Charles will make Camilla his Queen because when the royal male marries, his wife receives the female form of his title.

But what will happen to Prince Philip’s title in that case? Elizabeth’s husband would become the Guardian of the Queen and would have a lower rank than Camilla.