Prince Charles Used Young Harry For 'Good Publicity' Which Made Ginger Royal Resent His Father For A While, According To Author

Date September 10, 2019 18:06

Prince Harry’s image can be used as an example of “bad boy gone good.” The ginger royal had quite a reputation during his younger years.

Do you remember that time when he got fully undressed in Las Vegas or used a prosthetic leg as a champagne glass? Ah, those sweet memories.

But Harry’s scandalous past is behind him. However, it seems that the royal’s father used his ‘bad boy’ image for his own gain.

Good publicity

Back in 2002, Prince Harry was caught underage drinking and smoking. He could have gotten into big trouble with the press but his father, Prince Charles, managed to turn the scandalous situation into good publicity.

In the book titled The Firm, published in 2005, royal biographer Penny Junor writes about an ‘extraordinary story’ which came from the royal family. It said:

Prince Charles had discovered the previous November what had been going on while he had left Harry home alone during the school holidays, and had handled the incident well. He had taken him for a short sharp shock to Featherstone Lodge in south London to talk to recovering drug addicts.

Junor claims that the story came directly from Charles’s office before any media outlets found out about it. She continues:

What could have been a wholly negative story had a positive spin. Charles had handled the nightmare scenario – one that every parent with a teenager dreads – and reacted well.

The way the royal and his press office handled the situation saved Harry from public humiliation and left Charles ‘smelling of roses.’ However, the young royal reportedly resented his father for a long time after the story came out.

It’s believed that Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, helped the father and the son to reconnect by sharing how wonderfully the future King treated her. What a lovely happy ending!