Feisty One You Are! Princess Charlotte Earned A New Nickname At Nursery Thanks To Her Un-Lady Like Character

Date September 9, 2019

Last week, Princess Charlotte joined her big brother, Prince George, as the royal youngsters officially started school. Doting parents, Kate and William, accompanied their older children while 1-year-old Prince Louis stayed at home.

Even though Charlotte, appeared a bit shy with photographers, it turns out she’s quite a character in school!

New nickname

Princess Charlotte received a very powerful nickname recently. Royal commentator Katie Nicholl claimed that at her new school, the youngster will be called ‘Charlotte Cambridge’ but she got a new nickname during her time at Willcocks Nursery before summer holidays.

According to Nicholl, Charlottes was dubbed as Warrior Princess by her classmates. The commentator explained:

Apparently, she earned that nickname because obviously she is a Princess, but she’s quite a tomboy.

It seems that the little royal is not quite a lady yet as she likes the activities little boys prefer. Not only that, she also has an adventurous character.

Katie commented:

She loves climbing trees and she’s very much an adventurer, she was quite known for her feisty personality.

We hope Charlotte’s nickname sticks. However, it’s been previously revealed that her parents and close friends call her ‘Lottie.’ Speaking of friends, the little royal might not be allowed to have them in her new school.

British talk show host Jane Moore stated that even though the institution’s ethos is to be kind, it’s not encouraged to ‘have best friends’ there. We hope it’s not true as every child should have best friends, even if he or she comes from a royal family.