Sarah Ferguson Reportedly Leaves Balmoral After Prince Philip Arrives For His Summer Holiday

Date August 12, 2019

Sarah Ferguson may not officially be a member of the royal family anymore, but she still has ties to them. However, there are limits.

Sarah Vs Philip

The Duchess of York and the Duke of Edinburgh have had a strenuous relationship for a while now. In a 2001 interview with Sunday Mirror, she claimed that Prince Philip's comments directed at her over the years sent her into depression.

It was so bad that I believed I was this worthless human being. I thought maybe Prince Philip was right. But I don’t want to develop a thicker skin. I want to know, not why he says I’m odd and pointless, but why it affects me. What is it in me I need to fix and heal?

From her words, it was evident that Prince Philip hadn't forgiven Sarah for all the drama and cheating scandal surrounding her marriage to his son Prince Andrew.

It's believed that Her Majesty's husband felt like Sarah's actions embarrassed the royal family.

Booted from Balmoral

According to the Daily Mail, Sarah Ferguson who was at the Balmoral to spend time with Prince Andrew and their daughters Eugenie and Beatrice had to leave earlier than planned due to Prince Philip's unexpected arrival.

It was reported that Sarah usually left a day before Prince Philip arrived at the vacation spot for his summer holidays. However, the Duke came around several days earlier than expected and the mom of two had no choice but to leave.

These reports lent more credence to the speculations that Prince Philip and Sarah Ferguson haven't made up even after all these years.


A number of people have taken to social media to express their views on the matter. One user @leckston pointed out that Prince Philip is definitely still holding grudges.

Another @LatifeUssaki that Sarah shouldn't be welcomed with open arms.

Sarah Ferguson is another pain for the royal family.

@MPreisfreund, however, expressed that there's a double standard going on. Basically, Prince Andrew was forgiven for the same 'crimes' that the family cannot seem to accept Sarah for.

Incredible! The man can do whatever he likes with mistresses, but it seems the woman is to blame!

Fans had high hopes that Sarah and Prince Philip would settle things during Princess Eugenie's wedding last year which they both attended. But it doesn't seem like that worked out.

Let's hope there will be more opportunities for them to smoothen out their issues in the future.