"Don't Behave Like This": Agitated Prince Harry Captured On Camera Scolding Reporters Hours Before Releasing Press Statement

Date October 4, 2019 13:43

Prince Harry recently accused the British tabloids of a constant "ruthless campaign" against his wife.

In the statement by the Duke obtained by ITV, he expressed his concerns about the way Meghan Markle has been constantly vilified by the press and admitted that he's worried about the effect of such constant attacks.

He also revealed that the Duchess will be taking legal actions against a media house that published her private letter to her father.

Harry's annoyance

The Duke of Sussex must have been feeling really upset about the press' portrayal of his family when he was approached by a reporter only hours before his statement was released.

In a video posted online, Harry had just finished speaking to health officials and children suffering from malaria and AIDS when he was approached by Sky News reporter Rhiannon Mills.

The reporter asked Harry what he hoped to achieve by his short conversation with the health officials to which Harry laughed before saying:

What? Ask them.

Rhiannon then asked:

Is that why it's important for you to come and talk to them?

Visibly annoyed and agitated, Prince Harry replied:

Rhiannon, don't behave like this.

After this response, he got into his car to leave.

Support for Harry

In reaction to this video, many people criticized the reporter for being insensitive in her questions to the Duke.

@Audrey-Lynn Isabel:

I couldn’t imagine having to deal with these vermins everyday.


Good for him! You tell 'em Harry!


It would be pretty annoying having people follow you everywhere you go.

@kiks lilo:

I feel so bad for prince Harry and Meghan. Jesus Christ someone can't even walk you are almost on their necks. You freaking journalists shame on you.

One can easily understand Prince Harry's impatience with the reporter. But props to him for keeping things polite and simple despite his discomfort.