Sarah Ferguson Recalls Painful Moment When Her Mom Left Her At 12: "There Were Screams And She Just Left."

Date September 9, 2019

Losing a loved one, especially family, can be a painful thing and many never fully recover from the hurt.

The Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson lost her mother to a car accident in 1998, and although she and her mother were not particularly close, she was devastated.

Sarah's mum Susan Barrantes had left when Sarah was just 12, however, the feeling of despair at losing her mother was still vivid.

Susan Barrantes lost her life when her Rover saloon car was involved with a head-on collision with a van.

Sarah Ferguson's painful revelation

In the 2007 issue of Harper's Baazar, Sarah opened up about the pain and cruelty she suffered at the hands of her late mother. She revealed that her mother was the reason for low self-esteem.

The duchess explained that her mother stormed out of their lives when she was 12, after returning from a trip to South America.

Ferguson recounted:

"Mum returned from a trip to South America, walked in the farmhouse, and said to my unsuspecting father: 'I'm going.' There were screams and shouts, and then she just left."

Like that was enough pain, Sarah disclosed that her mum's last words were "I don't like your hair," because she disagreed with getting a haircut.

She lived most of her life, believing that her rebellious nature to her mom's orders caused her parents to split, and that caused her to find solace in food. Even though it has been year, the 59-year-old confessed that the scars still linger.

Nevertheless, Sarah forgave her mother

Months after her mother passed on, it was almost Mother's Day, and Sarah Ferguson did the most heartfelt thing. She forgave her mother for all her past hurt and did it in a letter.

Sarah wrote:

"...I look back now and thank you, forgive you, and love you more. You gave me the strength to look at life differently. I am convinced I would never be the strong person I am inwardly had I not had to come to terms with the sense of abandonment."

She then signed off the letter, 'Your fish face,' the name her mother used to call her when she was younger.

Abandonment is painful for anyone who goes through it, but Sarah rose above her pain to allow forgiveness in her heart. What a commendable woman!