Buckingham Palace Battles To Protect Meghan, As Illegal Adverts Claim She Used Diet Pills To Get Rid Of Baby Weight

Date August 12, 2019 16:19

On May 6, Meghan welcomed her first child with Prince Harry, Archie Harrison Mountbatten, and her journey into motherhood has been followed closely by fans all over the world.

As revealed by US Weekly, a source close to the Duchess revealed that the new mother is aware of how much people look up to her and hopes to become a realistic example for new mothers, especially when it comes to losing the baby weight.

While there is no problem with Meghan being a role model, it seems some people have taken advantage of that.

Online scammers

According to a Sunday Mirror investigation, some online brands are now using Meghan’s post-pregnancy body as a way to market false weight loss pills.

The online campaign about Keto Weight loss features photos of the Duchess before and after pregnancy. Some even went as far as publishing interviews in which Meghan claimed that the royal family didn’t want her to “pursue her own weight loss line.”

Another has the new mother posing with the Queen and calling the pills her “passion project” — a phrase gotten from the Duchess’ cookbook.

However, it seems these scammers won’t get away with their deeds as Buckingham Palace has vowed to fight the illegal websites.

While speaking to The Mirror, a royal source disclosed:

“This is obviously not true and an illegal use of the Duchess’ name for advertising purposes. We will follow our normal course of action.”

Many internet users have reacted to the news of Meghan using a diet pill. Below are some of their reactions

Praises for Meghan’s post-pregnancy body

Several internet users have noted how Meghan has embraced her post-pregnancy body and have praised her for it.

It is unfortunate that Meghan’s reputation is being used for such evil deeds. Hopefully, the perpetrators are brought to book soon.