Meghan Markle Talks About Her Pet Name For Prince Harry And Royal Fans Are Swooning

Date October 22, 2019

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are one of the sweetest couples out there. The details they have shared about each other and the insights they have given us of their love are just heartwarming.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry PDA

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex introduced fans to public displays of affection by royals on a different level. Even when they attend official events, they exude such love and happiness.

The duo has been spotted holding hands, laughing together and looking at each other with pure adoration in their eyes since the moment we were introduced to them as a couple.

Meghan Markle's secret nickname for Prince Harry

With such a show of attention in public, one can only imagine their steamy connection in private. But Meghan gave fans a glimpse into that when she revealed a special pet name she often referred to him with.

During the documentary Harry and Meghan: An African Journey, the Duchess of Sussex opened up about her life as a wife and a new mother. During her chat, she accidentally revealed the secret nickname she has for Prince Harry.

When asked about how she has been coping with being in the spotlight, the royal mom replied:

You know, I’ve said for a long time to H, that’s what I call him, it’s not enough to just survive something. That’s not the point of life, you have to thrive, you’ve got to be happy.

Perhaps realizing she might have revealed too much by sharing her private pet name for her husband in public, Meghan covered her mouth coyly and giggled.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's fans surely picked up on this royal slip and found the revelation to be touching.

For a long time, many people have assumed that the royals have a certain stiffness about them when it comes to public appearances. But Harry and Meghan's relationship has changed this view by being touchy-feely with each other.

Over time, they have shown fans how much they love each other and these swoon-worthy moments are some of the reasons why people support and celebrate them.

Prince Harry Meghan Markle