Princess Diana's Mom Was Snubbed By Royals When Diana Died And Wasn’t Even Allowed To See Her Body

Date October 9, 2019 18:32

A Netflix documentary titled Royal House of Windsor shocked fans with unexpected revelations about the British royal family. The series dived into Princess Diana’s troubled childhood.

The documentary’s narrator shared that Diana and her siblings witnessed a bitter custody battle following their parents’ divorce. Lady Di’s mother, Frances Shand Kydd, had to give up her children, even though she loved them.

Frances was frozen out by royals after Diana’s demise

Lady Di’s former butler Paul Burrell alleged that the late royal and her mother had a huge fight 6 months before the Princess passed away.

According to Burrell, Frances deeply disapproved her daughter’s relationships with Hasnat Khan and Gulu Lalvani, which she expressed over the phone call. The butler noted that he found Diana crying and swearing she didn’t want to see her mother again.

However, we are certain that if not for the fateful car crash, the two women would have made amends. Yet, Diana passed away before she had a chance to make up with Francis.

Later, Kydd revealed that the entire royal family froze her out of her daughter's funeral. She also noted that she wasn’t even allowed to see her body.

Moreover, the royals forbade her to share the terrible pain of losing Diana until the Palace had informed world leaders. Frances Shand Kydd passed away 7 years later after a long battle with Parkinson's disease and brain cancer.

Kydd’s children and grandchildren attended her funeral at the Roman Catholic cathedral, including Prince Harry and Prince William, who gave a reading there.