Kate And William Deliberately Take A Cheap Flight After $27K A Week Vacation To Hit Back At Harry And Meghan, According To Royal Experts

Date August 23, 2019

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge and husband Prince William were spotted boarding a low-cost flight to Aberdeen with their children ahead of their yearly visit to Balmoral, Scotland.

So, what's the big deal?

Well, the Daily Mirror said the move was in "stark contrast to Harry's gas-guzzling".

Kate and Will's budget flight came just days after Meghan and Harry were criticized by several newspapers and commentators for taking four private jet journeys in 11 days, including one on a plane belonging to Sir Elton John. Moreover, during an interview with British conservationist Dr Jane Goodall in Vogue, Prince Harry promised they would have a maximum of two children to help save the planet.

And it seems the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have totally pissed their royal relatives off with their behavior in public.

The total cost for the family of five would have been just £365, while Harry and Meghan's private Cessna jet - paid for by Sir Elton John - costs around £20,000 to hire.

Yet, royal commentator Melanie Bromley questioned William and Kate's decision to take a commercial flight.

The E! News correspondent admitted:

"They had to get a commercial flight while the whole week has been about Harry and Meghan taking four private jet flights in a week. It’s like – come on William and Kate. I get it, they are going to Scotland to spend the summer with the Queen. But of all the weeks to be pictured on your commercial flight, your £73 budget airline, it had to be this week?"

Ms Bromley added:

"Could you not, just for once, have taken a private jet this week so that Harry and Meghan do not look bad? Isn’t that fascinating?"

The Cambridges' decision to fly budget to Scotland was always going to be framed as a deliberate rebuke to Meghan and Harry, who were accused of hypocrisy after recently speaking out about environmental issues, then using private jets for their trips around Europe.

All in all, nothing royal couples do is ever good enough in the public eye. Whether they use cheap or expensive flights, shift from royal protocol or behave discreetly people will always find something to gramble about.

Hopefully, this won't change the couples' relationships for worse.