Royal Fans Lean Into Meghan Markle's Defense After Being Called A "Manipulating Girl" By Her 'Jilted Friend'

Date September 11, 2019 12:43

Recently, Meghan Markle's "jilted friend" Lizzie Cundy spoke out against the 38-year-old. The English TV personality said Meghan had asked her to find "a famous British man" and "ghosted" her once Prince Harry came along.

In 60 Minutes Australia, Cundy also claimed the mother-of-one changed to a "more manipulating girl" and began doing solely "what Meghan wants to do."

Although the British media criticized the Duchess of Sussex every now and again, a wide range of royal fans leaps into Meghan's defense on social media.

50-year-old Lizzy Cundy stated that she had seen "a different side" of Meghan Markle and concluded that "Meghan is about Meghan a lot of the time." Such claims caused raised eyebrows among Twitter users who readily came to Markle's side.

In the controversial program, Princess Diana’s former private secretary Patrick Jephson conceded that Duchess Meghan has been closely scrutinized by the British public because she is "culturally different."

Even the Americans themselves are disappointed by the royal monarchy for not defending Meghan Markle enough.

On Yahoo’s Royal Box podcast, royal expert Victoria Arbiter generalized American people's expectations from the Royal family. They are proud of the Duchess of Sussex for representing their nation behind the Palace's walls but they do feel like the royals fail to protect Meghan Markle from all the hatred.

We actually agree on the above-mentioned point. It's time for the Palace to step up for Duchess Meghan so that the British media will stop putting pressure on her.