Queen's Major Heartbreak: Her Majesty Had "Great Sadness" Over Her Relationship With

Queen's Major Heartbreak: Her Majesty Had "Great Sadness" Over Her Relationship With Young Prince William, According To Royal Expert


August 19, 2019 15:58 By Fabiosa

Queen Elizabeth II was close to give up on her son Prince Charles and choose Prince William as the future British monarch instead.

According to royal commentators Paul Burrell and Richard Kay, the Queen has decided to educate her first grandson to become the King from childhood and thus, has put all expectations on him.

However, there was a time when the Queen lamented how little she saw Prince William — Princess Diana wanted to provide normal childhood to her kids, but Her Majesty wanted to teach William about "the arts of kingship."

Royal biographer and expert Ingrid Seward claimed that ahead of Princess Diana’s separation from Charles, the Queen had been saddened by how little she saw her grandson.

Ms. Seward explained:

They talked in a way they never could have done before. One of her great sadnesses was that, until the separation, she had hardly seen him. Now, at last, she was able to do so on a regular basis and form a proper relationship.

The Queen has been preparing both Prince William and Kate Middleton to the throne which shows their close bond between one another. It seems like the Duke of Cambridge is the monarch's favorite grandson, but it's not the case.

Her Majesty has been mentoring William for decades, having formed a complicated relationship. The E! News royal correspondent Melanie Bromley said the relationship of Prince William and his grandmother is "half family and half business."

Ultimately, author Tom Bower revealed in his book Rebel Prince that Prince Philip also has doubts about Prince Charles' ability to reign. Interestingly, the public shares the same concerns and prefers Prince William as the next monarch.