Favorite Duchess: The Queen Allowed Kate Middleton To Break A Strict Rule Before Becoming Prince William's Wife

Date August 9, 2019 15:43

2007 wasn't the best year for the Cambridge couple. Everybody expected Prince William to propose to his university sweetheart but little did fans know the two would call it quits.

Yes, William and Kate split in 2007 due to pressure and annoying spotlight. Yet, the couple realized they are meant to be together and in 2011, they tied the knot.

A while before William and Kate married and she officially entered the Royal Family, the Queen allowed her grandaughter-in-law to break a very strict rule.

It was the summer of 2009 and the couple wasn't even engaged, though the Queen sensed her grandson was all serious about Kate and invited now-Duchess to her favorite place.

Queen Elizabeth II spends summer holiday at Balmoral Estate in Scotland annually, and in 2009, she invited Kate Middleton to spend time together.

It was such a privilege at that time because usually, only family members are permitted to visit the Queen while she’s on holiday, royal expert Katie Nicholl reported.

While the Queen liked Kate Middleton from the very beginning, Prince Charles was hesitant about Prince William's choice. The future King was rumored to have pushed his elder son to either break up with his GF or propose.

In fact, Charles was just upset and irritated that Kate and William were stealing all the attention, which made him feel threatened by the couple.

Nevertheless, Duchess Catherine was elatedly accepted and has been an honored royal for eight years!