Naughty Royal: Princess Eugenie "Got In Trouble" After Posting An “Off Limit” Photo Of Her Father Prince Andrew On Instagram

Date September 26, 2019 17:55

Looks like social media has gotten Princess Eugenie into trouble after she shared a photo of her father online. She is the only royal who controls her own account.

Princess Eugenie gives royal fans a treat

Sarah Ferguson’s daughter delighted fans of the royal family with a photo of her father, Prince Andrew during Trooping the Colour parade.

Princess Eugenie shared a rare photo of the Duke inside Buckingham Palace dressed in full uniform. He looked dashing in his attire standing along the hallway decorated with several pictures hanged and busts.

Naughty royal

Prince Andrew’s daughter landed herself in quite a bit of a situation after she shared a photo of her father that was “off-limits.”

The Queen’s granddaughter in an interview with Vogue magazine revealed she got in trouble because the picture revealed a private area of Buckingham Palace which is not meant to be seen by the public. Speaking about the mistake, she said:

I recently got in trouble for posting a picture of Papa in a corridor of the palace that was off-limits to the public.

Princess Eugenie took the photo during Trooping the Colour back in 2018 to celebrate the first-time her father rode on horseback during the parade. She captioned the picture:

A wonderful and proud day celebrating Her Majesty’s birthday and @hrhthedukeofyork for his first Trooping the Colour as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards.

The snap which the princess shared revealed the palace’s private area showing several portraits on the walls and a trail of bust sculptures.

The family’s relationship

There is no doubt that the Duke and Duchess of York love their daughters. Body language expert Patti Wood commenting the former royal couple as parents said:

There is something totally unique and special about her [Sarah Ferguson]. There's a buoyancy about her, and you can tell she's genuinely happy at this moment.

Though the parents' relationship with their daughters wasn't great all the time they have been able to survive the difficult times.

Even royals are not exempted from making a blunder on social media.