Meghan Markle Reportedly Broke Dinner Party Etiquette Insisting On Sitting Next To Harry And Engaging In PDA, Yet Fans Support Her

Date August 13, 2019 11:53

Meghan Markle is the woman who likes to play by her own rules. She’s not afraid of breaking old traditions or etiquette regulations, even if she gets criticized for it.

However, Meghan’s loyal fans are always on her side. When she omitted the protocol during her and Harry’s trip to New Zealand by touching his thigh in front of the crowd, royal watchers called it the cutest ‘violation’ of etiquette ever.

But the Duchess keeps omitting old traditions which might get her in trouble.

Sitting together

British upper-class society loves to follow old traditions and doesn’t like when someone decides to break them. That’s why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are not welcomed in it anymore.

According to Daily Mail, the ginger royal’s friends stopped inviting him and his wife to dinner parties after Meghan kept insisting the two of them should sit together, ignoring a long-standing etiquette rule.

Moreover, the Duchess often engaged in PDA with her husband at the dinner table, which is ‘frowned upon’ on such events.

According to the old tradition, couples should never be seated together in order to avoid a public display of affection which could put other guests off their food.

Not only that, the placement at dinner parties is a carefully thought-through act aimed at creating a social balance that’s why all guests should always sit where they were placed by hosts.

However, Meghan’s fans think these rules are outdated

@Jenny Liddy commented:

For goodness sake times change, we're not back in the dark ages. What's so wrong with sitting together. Good for them. Leave them alone and stop making them look bad all the time. Great that they are so relaxed with each other. Two lovely people. Back off you moaning grumpy people. Find something that's interesting to read about.

@Tiff Johnson added:

So what? They are basically still newlyweds and new parents, folks should be happy that they even show up to functions.

@Karen Morrow noted:

Some of these rules are so out of date they need to be update. Good on Meghan the Duchess of Sussex for wanting to sit next to her husband it's only natural, its just them pompous rules that say differently totally ridiculous. Just give her a break for goodness sake.

What do you think about it? Should Meghan sit where she’s placed or should she be allowed to be near her husband?